Monday, June 28, 2010

Download Windows 7 Icons

Windows 7 IconsWindows 7 is out! The new features, improved performance and fresh looks of the new system will sure make it a killer OS. However, the new user interface mean updated graphical style, new images and icons used throughout Windows 7 tools and applications. What will this mean for you as a software developer or a webmaster?

To ensure your sites or products look up to date and in line with the new Windows, you need to update your products with new graphics. Fortunately, Windows 7 icons are no different from those used in Windows Vista. This time around, Microsoft has decided to stick with the style that's proven successful with the users. Regardless of the same style used in Windows 7 icons, there are many new icons included with Windows 7 that were not there in the older systems.

A company at has taken the challenge to extract and archive many Windows 7 icons from the many applications, tools, and DLLs found in Windows 7 and publish them online. Now, you can download Windows 7 icons to ensure your software looks up to date by matching their style against the style used in Windows 7 icons.

In order to create the complete collection Windows 7 icons, proprietary software was used to scan all executable files and DLLs found in Windows 7 in order to locate and extract all available Windows 7 icons. After that, the icons were checked for duplicates, with repeating Windows 7 icons removed, and only one copy of each icon left. The remaining Windows 7 icons were stored in a set of 430 Windows 7 icons, which is now made available to everyone for free download.

To ensure compatibility of your applications, you can download Windows 7 icons and check them out. Download Windows 7 icons free and make sure you've done the style right in your products or Web sites!

Technically, you are getting icons drawn and owned by Microsoft and used in Windows 7. The set of downloadable Windows 7 icons contains 430 Windows 7 icons in resolutions of 256x256, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32, and 16x16 pixels. All Windows 7 icons are available for free download in Windows ICO and PNG formats. Download Windows 7 icons free of charge from

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Techniques To Speed Up Computer

For users of the windows operating system, it is important for you, the consumer, to have the necessary knowledge to speed up computer processing speeds of your pricey IBM or Dell computers. Tired of all that difficulties in supporting multiple memory-hungry applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Dreamweaver? Or are you sick of your Pentium Core 2 Duo computer running at the speeds of a 486 desktop? If you are facing any of the abovementioned problems, read on to learn more about techniques to speed up computer processing speeds. You will soon be able to do more with your computer and achieve greater productivity in any computer-related task you do.

Hardware and software considerations play an important role in speeding up your computer.

In terms of hardware, it would be highly recommended for computer users to purchase additional memory modules for their computer. RAM or random access memory is a computer hardware that provides a computer with the ability to support complex and comprehensive applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro. Failure to install sufficient RAM for your computer will result in it not being able to be utilized to the fullest potential as you would find it difficult to support the running of multiple applications to satisfy your work requirements. Computer applications all require a certain amount of memory space to function smoothly. This includes your computer’s operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista. RAM is cheap and relatively easy to install, requiring a mere set up time of about 10 to 15 minutes. If your computer is still under warranty, you should bring it back to where you purchased it from and request the vendor to provide you with a RAM upgrade at a fee. Otherwise, you can
purchase a memory module and install the RAM yourself. Information pertaining to memory upgrades can often be found relatively easily over the internet. Ideally, I would suggest 1gb of RAM if you are running Windows XP and 2gb if you are running Windows Vista. In any case, the returns are instant and you would enjoy a noticeable increase in computer processing speeds.

Software wise, it would be a good idea to clean up your computer registry using a registry cleaner. Preference and setting files are stored by Windows for all software and hardware installed into a computer. When a software or hardware is uninstalled, these preference and setting files are not removed. Over time, these would cause a build up, slowing down your computer. High quality registry repair software scans your computer registry for such files. These are then listed and can be deleted easily. The end result would be appreciably faster processing speeds for your computer.

In addition, it would also be a good idea to invest in a good anti-virus and spyware remover program. It is common to find viruses and spywares embedded into websites these days. These have the purpose to track your surfing activities and run in the background without you knowing, slowing the speed of your computer. Good anti-virus or spyware remover program weeds out viruses and spywares, allowing your computer to function at a much faster speed. Subsequently, it blocks out any future invasions of such malicious software into your computer system.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fix Windows 7 Freezing Issues At Startup

Have you felt some problems while using the new Windows 7 operating system. Though it is the latest Microsoft’s release. But as it is coming in notice that Windows 7 still has some bugs that needs to be resolved. As a whole the operating systems is showing great response but still the freezing issues in Windows 7 needs to be sorted out. As the freezing may cause you loose some very important data that you are working on. The main reason for your system suffering from this problem is that your system doesnot fulfill the minimum hardware requirement specification. As a result of you ae working on a a number of programs and applications, your RAM will not handle this and will result in freezing. Get a new 2 GB RAM for this situation or get an extra RAM.

Few days ago one Pal of mine came to me and told me that he is having this Windows 7 freezing problem. He was not sure whether this is due to some specific program running at that time on the computer or is it due to any bug of Windows 7. I gave him a few suggestions like updating his drivers installed on the computer, to checking the RAM in the computer – that is should be of 2 GB, and suggested him to visit the Microsoft’s website for any new update and solution on this freezing problem.

There is nothing worse than a Blue PC screen at startup time. Panic sets in, and within a few minutes of trying to problem solve, most of us are gibbering wrecks of anxiety and frustration. There are a number of reasons why a computer can freeze at startup. Viral infections are an obvious problem, and probably the most commonly attributed cause of PC issues. Also blamed are the wickedly designed Trojan ware and spyware programs which many of us are downloading without being aware of it until it is too late.

Another startup killer is an overloaded system - typical of the Windows7 upgrade with all its extra features - where excessive programs are booted when the red button is thrown. Caching, paging and disc errors are often the result as program loadings compete for limited space in the system. The result? Slow, sluggish, unresponsive personal computers that make us wonder why we bought them in the first place! Reducing the number of programs in the startup folder can help, especially with Windows7.

Other problems include internal incompatibility - when the drivers of the hardware in your system are not compatible with the new operating system. Updating the drivers to the latest levels sometimes helps.

If you have done all this and you are still getting the blue screen, then it is time to look deeper into the system and see what else may be wrong. One sensitive area, and one which is often ignored until the last moment is an overloaded, clogged Windows registry - the place that Windows uses to keep a track of all the files, programs in your system.

Cleaning the registry out occasionally, and maintaining it for obsolete files and errors will aid your computer, making it start up more quickly and run more efficiently, as well as making it much more stable, as often the errors in Windows are caused by errors in the registry.
During upgrading, the registry is particularly vulnerable to errors, and should be cared for just like the drivers you have recently updated. One of the best ways to maintain your registry is to use a free repair tool like Pc Doc Pro. We recommend this tool, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Popular Computer Operating Systems

Linux, Windows, Sun Solaris and Macintosh are some of the popular computer operating systems. But do you know who have designed their own operating system and use it on their local machines? So, what is all this fuss about computer operating systems and how to decide which one to use? Before we start taking about operating systems for computers, let us try to understand, what a computer operating system is.

A computer operating system is nothing but system software because of which the software and hardware in a computer can communicate with each other. In short, it is what takes life to a computer. Simply it is the computer operating system, on which you run all your applications. If you want to run certain software in your computer, it needs to be compatible with the operating system that is running in your computer. So much for the purpose of creating you aware of what is a computer operating system. Now that you have some good idea about what is a computer operating system, let us try to understand, how different types of operating systems can be used.

Types of Computer Operating System

Computer operating systems can be broadly classified into many categories. One thing kept in mind is that one particular operating system can fall into more than one category. The classification is based on the features that operating systems have.

Multithreading Operating Systems
These are the operating systems that allow to use different types of the same software to run at the same time. Operating systems like Windows XP, 9X, ME, Vista, windows 7 and Linux are examples of this type of operating system.

Multitasking Operating System
If your computer operating system allows you to run more than one application software at the same time, than it can be classified into Multitasking operating system. The same operating systems that have been mentioned above can be classified as examples of this type of operating system.

GUI Operating System
GUI means graphical user interface. This type of operating systems like Windows 98, XP, ME, Vista, 7 and Linux, which allow users to navigate graphic representation of every process or application are classified into this type of operating system.

CUI Operating System
This type of the computer operating systems, where you need to learn the commands for working with that particular operating system . MS DOS is one of the most used operating system. There is a particular command for each process and to bring in variation to the command, you have switches.

Multi-user Operating System
Multi-user operating systems which allow more than one user to log in to the computer system at the same time and use it; it can be classified as multi-user operating system. Linux is the most common example of this type of operating system, which allows six users to login at the same time and user used the this operating system very easily.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Minimum Hardware Requirement To Windows 7 Install

windows7 featuresFeature and usability

It was early November 2010 and the fever of Windows 7 was on the top of every tech forum. I was very excited with the innovative Windows 7 features like HomeGroup feature, because I have two desktop computers at home, one in my personal room and the other in my office, which is attached with my house and mostly I have to shuffle among both to take out important data related with my personal and business usage.

But it was hard to decide on the compatibility factor of both computers. I went through a lot of research regarding technical support on Google. I was very much messed up. Fortunately I came to know about Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor on Microsoft’s site. I downloaded the program and installed it over both the computers. Next, I connected the printer too with one of my PC. Afterwards I executed the program. This program took hardly 10 minutes to generate a report. I followed the report and did the important modification in the memory and processor part. I upgraded the RAM (Random Access Memory) to 2 GB and replaced the hard disk with a 20 GB HDD. Next I upgraded the processor with 1 gigahertz (GHz) 32-bit (x86) and the memory of graphic card to DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0.

The term and condition was fulfilled for Windows 7 installation and I installed it with a USB flash drive. But post installation scenarios would not have been so smooth but for an authentic tech support from a remote service provider. I took remote technical support sessions of my computers to install the latest device driver and setup and configure my HomeGroup.

Now I can share the data over both my computers along with the printers. I don’t have to shuffle from one PC to another. With the inbuilt Parent Control feature of it, I can restrict my sensitive data from the reach of my kids.


There can be certain limitation in the performance of your computer if your memory is not well compatible with the type of applications running in your PC. In addition you can’t expect complete Aero feature on your desktop’s if your graphic card is not compatible.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Streamline Dell Computer’s Performance with Authentic Tech Support

windows 7 security
Last week I decided to upgrade my laptop form Windows 7 Vista Pro to Windows 7 Professional, which I did with the help of an USB flash drive. I copied the installation image from MS site and installed it over my laptop. But I was facing issues regarding a valid product activation key. I ignored that and completed the task with a mindset of short-term usage. Next, I installed various device drivers and other important applications.
Next day, when I restarted my laptop to perform a printing task I got an error “Printer could not be found”. I did everything to the best of my knowledge, but all in vain.
I then navigated to the Google search and came across iYogi’s name. As soon as went deep and I completed the article, I was not able to stop myself and I called on the number. There was a good and interactive session with a Microsoft Certified technicians and he took the remote control over my laptop and accomplished the installation of operating system followed by configuration of my printer. Everything was done in a smart way to bring the printer in a smooth working condition.
It was a nice and innovative experience of a remote tech support. I have confirmed about the complete tech support services available for my Dell computer, which includes support for installation and upgrade of OS and other applications, driver update, setup and configuration of peripheral devices like printers and scanners and respective troubleshooting.
Hence, simplify your computing life by getting registered with a recognized tech support provider for your Dell computer. You can avail tech support service for your Dell computer anytime and from any location, because of its remote nature and 24/7 availability. You have the privilege of getting your Dell computer’s issue addressed with Microsoft certified technicians. Apart from diagnosing the particular issue they take adequate measures to enhance performance of your Dell computer by cleaning its memory and optimizing its registry.
There are some tech support providers, which deliver on-site support services to resolve your Dell computer’s issues, but a risk factor is always associated with these types of services, because you are not aware about skill credential of the technicians and moreover they don’t offer you any service level guarantee.
So give preference to a remote support provider, where you can get support from experienced and Microsoft certified technicians only.
However, overall performance of your Dell computer is restricted by the hardware configuration too, so you can’t blame your operating system or the remote tech support provider every time.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Windows 7’s Tech Support Performance

windows 7 xp support
Microsoft has pampered Windows 7 with performance accelerator features, which has raised its popularity amongst various segments of the users. . Each and every feature of this operating system is innovative and user-friendly.

Understanding the craze of people regarding latest operating system, MS has given streamlined method to upgrade or install it.

However due to some software and hardware conflicts, product activation and driver issue you may face some initial problems with it. But never mind because you are not alone at any point. Several leading tech support units are working to simplify your job. Some are offering onsite support while others are offering online support. But you should be little bit careful while choosing for the best Windows 7 tech support unit. I recommend online tech support, which has significant advantages over the other form of tech support.
Online Windows 7 tech support unit has its own attributes; it is offering you a service, which you can access while sitting at your home or office. Next, its services are empowered with Microsoft certified technicians and are accompanied with a service level agreement, which is the most important thing due to overgrowing fraud practices. In addition, it offers a round the clock protection from any unfortunate computer crash or data loss. It also monitors your PC regularly to keep it free from any kind of Internet related threat, such as viruses, spyware and malware.

As per me, it is better to register with a recognized Windows 7 tech support provider for getting a smooth performance out of your computer throughout the time. I have got the extreme benefit with the remote tech support for my laptop. Now, when I am in any trouble I call it, irrespective of day or night. There are expert technicians to fix the issue in no time. I am getting regular PC health check up for my laptop, after which I am experiencing a considerable improvement in my laptop’s performance.
The only problem, which I have faced though very occasionally, is waiting time on call. But it’s not a big issue, over and all it’s much convenient than waiting for days and weeks at any repair shop.